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Tungsten Brown Wedding Rings Photographed

tungsten band brown for him

How To Shop For Brown Tungsten Wedding Rings For Men Online

When you shop for a ring online you rely solely on photos that the phtographer has taken of the rings on the ecommerce store.  Here’s some tips for you….

Brown tungsten wedding rings for men have slowly increased in popularity as this is one material that retains a high polish while resisting wear and tear. Not to mention, a tungsten wedding ring is truly unique and masculine. The number one issue that men seem to have is simply shopping for tungsten rings, especially online. There are dozens of retailers out there claiming to sell the best and the highest quality rings, but unless you’re willing to gamble a great deal of money, you won’t really know what you’re getting.

Learn To Re-examine The Word “Free”

Apart from the fact that tungsten wedding bands are trendy and appealing, many men choose to purchase them because of all of the free offers attached. Of course, what many shoppers find out all too soon is that the word free is often attached as a gimmick to the purchase and nothing is what it seems. Free shipping, for example, is only free if you decide to keep the ring. Should you choose to return the ring to the respective retailer, a sizable shipping fee will be deducted from your refund. Brown Tungsten Wedding Ring For Men

Whenever shopping with a retailer, also consider what the free lifetime warranty entails. Free sizing and lifetime warranties often come with a deductible fee that you don’t know about until you need it. Lastly, make sure you know the return policy before ordering as there’s often a restocking fee hidden in the fine print.

Finding Comfort

The comfort of a brown tungsten wedding ring for men is found in its thickness. The fact is that the thicker the ring, the more uncomfortable it is to wear on a daily basis. Not to mention, thick tungsten is almost always a sign of poor craftsmanship and quality.

The maximum thickness of a tungsten wedding band should be no more than 2.3 mm. The smaller the ring, the less thickness it should have. A size 6 ring would be ideally sized at 1.8 mm, whereas, a size 11 ring may be up to 2.3 mm in thickness.

The Tungsten Carbide Purity

Just like you would find with solid gold wedding bands, tungsten must be mixed with another alloy in order to make it wearable. Quality tungsten rings will have nickel as their main alloy, but lower quality rings will have cobalt. Another often undisclosed fact is the actual amount of tungsten carbide the ring actually contains. If the ring has less than 85% tungsten carbide, it will bend, scratch, and wear down easily.

The Final Choice

The final important choice you will need to make when selecting your tungsten ring is whether or not it has the perfect finish and the right symmetry. When a tungsten ring is inspected up close and features beveled or designed edges, the ring should be the same on both sides. If a shine or finish is applied, it’s something that should be evenly distributed, especially if two finishes are used. Once you’ve made these decisions, you’re ready to enjoy your wedding band!

Real Estate Photography

Mastering Real Estate Photography

Mastering Real Estate Photography

Whether you are a professional photographer hired to take pictures of a home, or an amateur photographer taking pictures for your own use, beautiful real estate photography is important when trying to sell a home. Dynamic photos taken at different angles and in different lighting can really help home-buyers get a feel for a space.

The first step to taking real estate Malta photos is to ensure that you have the proper equipment. Professional photographers will most likely have everything they need, but if you are taking pictures on your own you may need plan ahead.  Here is a video outlining the equipment you will need.

Camera Equipment

For outdoor photos, tripods are a necessity for getting steady photos from a different angle. This could include traditional three-leg stands as well as more creative wrap-around stands to get pictures from trees or other outdoor features. When taking indoor pictures, it may be necessary to bring in extra light, depending on the lighting in the room and the time of day. If you are trying to get pictures of smaller spaces like closets and laundry rooms, or any other room that may be poorly lit, having free standing photography lights could be useful.  Once you have all the necessary equipment, it is time to take the photos.

Outdoor Photos

For outdoor photos, it is nice to take pictures during the day as well as when it gets dark. Night-time exterior photos provide potential home buyers with an idea of what the outdoor lighting is like at night, as well as the environment. Having several angles is also important, as well as varying distances. Far away photos give an idea of the overall look of the house, but closer exterior photos will provide insight as to the texture and material used as well as the landscape. Don’t forget to take pictures of the sides and the rear of the house. The backyard is often a big factor for home buyers so be sure to capture that as well.

Interior Shots

When it comes to interior shots, pictures taken with natural light are often the most appealing. The best time of day for these photos will depend on the placement of the windows so be sure to consider that before beginning the process. While pictures from eye level are standard, having pictures taken from lower or higher levels may provide a better idea of the space so play around with the vertical angles. It is also a good idea to take several pictures of the same room from different corners of the space. Modern technology, like 3-D cameras, may also be useful in this situation.

Whether taking these pictures to sell a house or just to have pictures of your home, beautiful real-estate photography can be achieved by anyone who puts in the time and effort.

Underwater Photography

Underwater Photography

Underwater Photography

Diving is a really cool hobby; pair it with your love and talent in photography, then it is just perfect. Underwater photographers are born with this talent. But this is harnessed and made into a skill as these enthusiasts are trained by professionals. In time, the talent and skill are developed simultaneously and it becomes innate in the person.

Some may say that this profession is not for everyone but evidently with the right people to learn from and the right attitude, anyone with the heart and interest in this field can become the best underwater photographer. It takes determination and the eye for art.

Prepping for your first underwater photography tutoring lesson

You may already have the equipment for underwater photography and may have learned the necessary swimming skills but the truth is that this will be a little different from swimming. This time you will need your diving gear. You will also have to focus and clear your mind for the lessons you are about to learn.

You will be taught the basics of diving and how to photograph underwater. The best thing for you to understand during this phase is how to communicate underwater and at the same time, how to control the oxygen flow in your oxygen tank. (how to control breathing and what not to do under water, the likes)

Learning underwater photography

Photography and taking pictures underwater is very different from taking normal pictures. Unlike on land, where the environment can be controlled in some ways, the underwater environment controls what the picture looks like. It is then the job of the underwater photographer to adjust to this environment and capture the perfect images.

Who can join a diving and underwater photography class?

Anyone who is interested in the craft and has the necessary skills and talents can join the classes available at Malta diving center. As long as you have the heart and you are not afraid to learn new things and bring this learning to a whole new level, you are okay. Who knows, you might excel in this endeavor and it can be a whole new thing for you. Life is all about learning and changing for the better, supposed to be for the better.

This learning experience cannot be completed in just 2 or 3 sessions though. It is a continuous process which will manifest as you get better in time. Photography is being reinvented in several ways to fully translate the photographer’s intent in taking the picture. For this, underwater photography is a profession that is cherished by some and nurtured by enthusiasts for years to come.


Why photography is a necessity

Necessities arise from the evolution of human beings or human brains.

With the great advancement in technology, photography cameras have evolved as well. But more than a camera, people now use their mobile phones because mobile phones now have such great tech and their cameras are even better than some cheap photography cameras out there.

If you travel, a selfie stick is one of those things that you cannot do without. In the olden days if I wanted to take a photo of my fiance and I, I used to ask people passing by.

Image result for selfie stick

The selfie stick has also taken away the personal contact. So with the improvement in technology, we are more dependent on these gadgets and unfortunately this is taking away the personal contact and conversation opportunities like we had in the past.

With progress comes change. And this is one of the biggest change in the personal photography scene I believe.


Best photography 2016

Some of the amazing photos of 2016

Definitely a must look

What an perfect pic from Marzio Lanzoni.
Freezing time in Portofino

Now this is what I call a great work with lights.
Cormorant Fisherman on Li River, Yangshuo, China

Another one from Mr Lanzoni, valensole sunset fields.
Valensole, sunset

All the images thanks to the image platform

If you have never visited their site, I highly recommend you do. There’s great quality images there that will blow you away.

Also, video about how photograph the moon below. EnJoY 🙂

What have you achieved so far in terms of photography?

We would like to hear about your story, which camera you are using and what is your best photography techniques. Will 2017 be the year of great or not so great photography. I really hope its the first one. Because 2016 was full of grief, war and pain.

And we want to see the world a better place. When it comes to photography we have the responsibility to show the world out there the truth.